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Dr Barbara Sturm Face Cream

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Dr Sturm Face cream:
Anti-ageing lightweight formula suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.
Fights the active signs of ageing
Active ingredients fight against free radicals, as well as reducing cell aging and strengthening sensitive skin.
Helps your skin to regenerate overnight

Key ingredients:
✨Purslane- strong regenerative effects on a cellular level of the skin
✨Skullcap- antioxidant, anti-inflammatory
✨Vitamin E- antioxidant
✨Panthenol- vitamin B5 for hydration
✨Squalane- hydration and anti-inflammatory.
✨Shear butter and corn oil- act to moisturise skin

-Gentle and lightweight, yet hydrating
-Left my skin looking radiant and hydrated
-I had dermatitis a few days before trying this cream and when I applied this face cream it soothed my skin, and reduced redness and texture.
-It is definitely suitable for us sensitive skin ladies!
-If you have drier skin I would suggest using the richer version of this cream and adding a serum underneath. It can also be used under the eye, so it doubles as an eye cream!

I’m impressed with the technology and quality of ingredients in this face cream. I like how it targets the main contributors of ageing which are inflammation and free radical damage. It is expensive but works for all (at least most) skin types. The review on Mecca website have all 5-star review from people of different age groups, skin concerns and skin types. Would suggest giving it a try for yourself!